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[ 2 Mar 2012 | ]
Angela Merkel meets with International Organizations, Including WTO Director General Pascal Lamy

by Laurens Ankersmit, Jessica Lawrence, and Gareth Davies*
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I. Introduction
Jurisdictions have increasingly begun to restrict the sale of goods on the basis of the processes involved in production; even if these processes left no trace in the finished product. Products produced by environmentally harmful processes, sweat shops, and child labor are all seen as a distinct group for purposes of taxation and regulation.[1]
Such process and production method (PPM) measures are analytically distinct from more conventional product regulation, which concerns itself with the physical aspects of the product and …

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[ 17 Oct 2011 | Comments Off ]

by Ricardo Ramirez*
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GATT dispute settlement will probably always teeter on the edge of crisis, for  there will always be a tendency to use it to cover up substantive failures. I like to  believe, however, that if GATT dispute settlement keeps its balance for another  forty years, Governments may end up creating an effective litigation procedure in  spite of themselves.
-Robert E. Hudec[1]
I met Professor Hudec only once. September 1997. It was during a NAFTA panel hearing in the broom corn brooms case. He was a panelist in that …

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[ 13 Oct 2011 | Comments Off ]

 by Chiedu Osakwe*
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What factors explain the shift to policy reforms and liberalization  in developing  countries[1] after the 1940s “special and  differential” approach to GATT rules and  disciplines? How did this  reform-driven behavior affect the trade performance of    developing countries, as well as the agenda and functioning of the  WTO? In  describing the legal relationship of developing countries  to GATT rules and  disciplines, Robert Hudec observed that GATT  developing country members  never agreed to accept the same  disciplines as developed …