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[ 13 Oct 2011 | Comments Off ]

 by Chiedu Osakwe*
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What factors explain the shift to policy reforms and liberalization  in developing  countries[1] after the 1940s “special and  differential” approach to GATT rules and  disciplines? How did this  reform-driven behavior affect the trade performance of    developing countries, as well as the agenda and functioning of the  WTO? In  describing the legal relationship of developing countries  to GATT rules and  disciplines, Robert Hudec observed that GATT  developing country members  never agreed to accept the same  disciplines as developed …

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[ 10 Oct 2011 | Comments Off ]

Lily Endean Nierenberg*
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I. Introduction
In late summer 2010, two nations, Brazil and Kenya, inserted the human right to food into their national law. Brazil’s Constitution[1] and its Policy of Food Security and Nutrition[2] and Kenya’s new Constitution[3] impose a legal duty on each state that had previously existed only as a moral duty in the international human rights regime.[4] In both cases, the domestic law creates an accountability mechanism by which citizens can challenge their governments for failing to fulfill this new legal obligation.
Although these two countries adopted right to …

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[ 27 Mar 2011 | Comments Off ]
No Sirve Continued: Mexico Modifies Its Declarations to the Hague Service Convention

By: Charles B. Campbell

Since the Minnesota Journal of International Law’s 2010 publication of his article No Sirve:  The Invalidity of Service of Process Abroad by Mail or Private Process Server on Parties in Mexico Under the Hague Service Convention, Professor Campbell’s argument that the service of process through “alternative” methods provided in Article 10 of the Convention was invalid with respect to Mexico has been well-received and widely commented upon. In this Minnesota Journal of International Law Online Edition follow up companion piece, Professor Campbell traces the various steps Mexico …