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[ 24 Oct 2011 | ]
Blackwaters Future

by Jordan Sundell*
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Although many corporations act responsibly, economically fragile  countries and war zones have proved fertile ground for a number of  multinational corporations to commit a variety of serious international  crimes. In such cases the offending corporation all too often goes under-  punished or escapes punishment altogether.  Take for example Nigeria.  In  1995 the Nigerian government, in response to pressure from Royal Dutch  Shell to repress environmental protestors, executed nine indigenous  tribal leaders, including the well-known writer and human rights activist  Ken Saro-Wiwa,[1] on suspect murder charges.[2] Royal …

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[ 19 Oct 2011 | ]

The Empirical Turn in International Economic Law*
by Beth A. Simmons** and Andrew B. Breidenbach***
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In November 2010, the American Society of International Law’s International Economic Law Interest Group (ASIL IELIG) convened a broad cross-section of scholars, practitioners, and students of international economic law. The focus of this conference was International Economic Law in a Time of Change: Reassessing Legal Theory, Doctrine, Methodology and Policy Prescriptions. Surveying the field, we became aware of certain swings in attitudes—from skepticism to euphoria and back to skepticism again—toward the empirical work that, of late, …

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[ 17 Oct 2011 | Comments Off ]

by Ricardo Ramirez*
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GATT dispute settlement will probably always teeter on the edge of crisis, for  there will always be a tendency to use it to cover up substantive failures. I like to  believe, however, that if GATT dispute settlement keeps its balance for another  forty years, Governments may end up creating an effective litigation procedure in  spite of themselves.
-Robert E. Hudec[1]
I met Professor Hudec only once. September 1997. It was during a NAFTA panel hearing in the broom corn brooms case. He was a panelist in that …