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The Journal is entering an exciting new phase of development.  In addition to continuing with the Journal’s tradition of producing a high-quality print edition, we are now publishing original, paginated content exclusively online.  These articles are shorter and more topical, taking advantage of the streamlined publication capabilities inherent in the online environment.

To be cited as ___ Minn. J. Int’l L. Online ___ (xxxx), these articles will focus on timely background and analysis of international law issues as those issues unfold, providing a legal perspective as events happen rather than months (or years) later.

This will be a truly collaborative project, and we intend to draw from a diverse talent-pool — including professors (be they bloggers or Luddites), judges, and practitioners.  As a forum in which real-time responsiveness to unfolding issues in international law is paramount, Minn. J. Int’l L. Online will require input from all sectors of the legal community.  We hope you will consider contributing.