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2013 Symposium

The Future of Warfare: The Law of Tomorrow’s Battlefields


On February 5, 2013, the Minnesota Journal of International Law hosted its biennial symposium, entitled “The Future of Warfare: The Law of Tomorrow’s Battlefields.”  Below are video recordings of the various panels and presentations.

Panel: Robotics on the Battlefield

Panelists: Ken Anderson, American University Washington College of Law; Oren Gross, University of Minnesota Law School; A. John Radsan, William Mitchell College of Law. Moderator: David Wippman, University of Minnesota Law School

Keynote Speaker: Professor Eric Jensen

Eric Jensen, Brigham Young University Law School

Panel: Cyberwarfare

Panelists: Alice Beauheim, currently on a one year sabbatical from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; David Weissbrodt, University of Minnesota Law School. Moderator: Fred Morrison, University of Minnesota Law School

Panel: Privatization of Militaries

Panelists: Geoffrey Corn, South Texas College of Law; Dr. Daphne Richemond-Barak, Radzyner School of Law at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya; Gabor Rona, UN Working Group on Mercenaries, Human Rights FirstColumbia Law School. Moderator: Richard Painter, University of Minnesota Law School

MJIL – 2013 Symposium Mission Statement

2013 MJIL Symposium Invitation