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Gordon F. Knoblach,* Justin Erickson,** & Kristi Rudelius–Palmer***
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Since its inception, the Minnesota Journal of International Law has grown to meet the needs of an evolving marketplace of ideas. The Journal’s winding journey began in 1992, as the Minnesota Journal of Global Trade.[1] The Journal’s formative years saw the publication of articles covering a myriad of trade matters. As the Journal matured, however, the topical hegemony of trade waned and other areas of international law crept in.[2] The cracks at the seams amplified, and finally, the dam …

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Note: Expensive Freedom: Establishing Marine Protected Areas on the Open Ocean Requires an End to the Freedom of the Seas
Kirsten Selvig*
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The oceans cover 72% of the Earth’s surface, provide 3 billion people with at least 15% of their animal protein, and absorb about 30% of global CO2 emissions.[1] Marine fisheries in particular are a massive global industry, providing livelihoods for about 540 million people.[2] Water is so essential to the planet that “no water, no life.”[3] Protecting the biodiversity of the oceans is critical to preserving …

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A Duty to Investigate Incidents Involving Collateral Damage and the United States Military’s Practice
Michal Drabik*
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It is generally believed that states do not have an obligation to investigate incidents involving collateral damage absent a suspicion that a grave breach of International Humanitarian Law (“IHL”) has occurred. This paper argues that, although there is no affirmative investigative duty expressed in any IHL treaty, a general duty to investigate is clearly implied by two requirements contained in IHL treaties: the duty to examine every incident that amounts to a …